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Indian Ring Neck Parrot Hand Raised Babies For Sale

Two Green Indian Ringnecks for sale $150 each to be DNAd

Call Andy 0466 630 828 to order.

Our New Happy and Healthy Arrivals For 2013

Our first lot of Hand Raised Indian Ring Neck Parrots will be available in mid to late October until December 2013

We are receiving lots of orders, to avoid disappointment order now!
To place your order simply contact us from the contact page,
or call Andy on 0466 630 828

Prices start from $150.00 for green and come with a DNA certificate identifying Male or Female.

These 2 Beautiful hand raised pastel blue lacewing
Indian Ringnecks are available now
.They are our last 2 for this season


Below is an illustration of the growing stages of Indian Ringnecks.
Starting with the egg all the way to 8 weeks old and fully weaned which means they can fly and eat on their own.

3 Indian Ringneck parrot eggs next to a 1 dollar coin.

Indian Ringneck parakeet mother with 2 chicks hatched they are 1 and 2 days old.

Here are her chicks all hatched 1day, 3days and 5 days old

Indian Ringneck parrots 2 weeks old.

Indian Ringneck Parakeets 4 weeks old.

Indian Ringneck parrots hand raised babies 8 weeks old,
fully weaned ready to go to new homes.